Lending my old reading glasses to my daughter?

Samantha Georgia - posted on 01/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 17 year old daughter is always studying. When I'm not home I've discovered that she has been using a pair of my old reading glasses while she's been studying. I discovered this because I arrived home to find her sitting reading a textbook with my old glasses on! At first I was annoyed that she had gone through my desk to find them, but I realisd the that she was taking initiative. I asked her what she was dong wearing my glasses, and she told me that they make things clearer for her. I can't afford to take her to the eye doctor, so should I just let her continue wearing my old pair. I know there is no say it will affect her eyes. What do you think. (By the way I did this myself when I was younger, only I was smart enough not to get buste...)


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I agree with Jodi. Why post the same question on another forum? Didn't like the answers we gave on the first one?

Short answer, quit changing your story (although this is quite a creative version, I must say).

"I know there is no way it will affect her eyes" you say. Yet, it WILL affect her eyes if you don't get her a proper prescription. Take your daughter to have her eyes checked. Period. I know it's expensive, I spend over $1000 a year on 4 people who wear glasses, and that's for the CHEAP frames/lenses. There are programs to help those who TRULY cannot afford it. However, I've found that if there's a real need, you can usually cut out a "luxury" or two, such as eating out, etc.

If you're TRULY in need, contact your local LIONS club. They run a program.


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Jodi - posted on 01/11/2013




You asked this on another forum yesterday, except in that one, she ASKED YOU if she could use them, you didn't just catch her with them Clearly you didn't like the answers that you really should take your daughter to the optometrist and have her eyes tested. It would be neglectful of you not to.


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