Lying Stepdaughter

Stormi Lynnette - posted on 09/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are going thru a nightmare with his daughter. He divorced her mother after he returned from his last deployment to Iraq. This was in 2005. We met in 2006 and started dating. Love followed and we got Married in 2010. Being supportive of my husband we got custody of his 3 younger children and brought them to middle Tennessee. Loving them was a challenge, They had been so misparented by thier mother that the fights between them and I started shortly later. Their father and I struggled with a lot of emotional problems with the kids. Being raised in a Chirstian family, I started taking them to Church. After almost 2.5 years they finally were being children that showed love and accepted it in return. That was until April of 2012, When his daughter falsely accused her father of sexually touching her breast and vagina. Now if you would know my husband, you'd know that that is just not possible. My husband suffers from PTSD from being in the war in Iraq. He loves his children and would lay down his own life to keep them safe. His daughter manifested this story with her friends just so that she go back to live with her mother in Kansas. We even have letters and text messages from her phone telling of her plan and yet the DA in our county still is trying to put my husband away for a crime that never happened. His bond is the highest that this couny has ever seen and he has never been in any trouble in all of his 44 years. He is the hardest working man next to my own father that I have ever known. Dispite all that he is going through, he still Loves the Lord and puts all of his faith in Jesus. We just need to know if anyone else out there has gone thru anything like this and what got you through it. I believe my husband is innocent of all of this and my stepdaughter is mad at him for leaving a very bad situation behind by divorcing her mother, even though he gave her evrything in life that she wanted,i.e her college education, paid her house payments, car payments, and even gave her cash to support herself while attend school. His daughter only sees that her mother got left and she is anger about it. Please Pray for me, I need the lord to get thru this. Sincerly, Stormi Lynnette Reed, Woodbury Tenn.


Diana - posted on 09/19/2012




So sorry about your situation. I actually believe what u have said about his daughter. She is playing a dangerous game that one day will catch up to her. Unfortunately for you and your husband. I would hire the best lawyer money could buy and hopefully he'll get off.

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