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Hi, I posted on here before. This is kind of a follow up. My son 15 likes to masterbate openly in our home. We are close and I am a single mom. I don't mind it at all. We have talked some today about it today. I mainly don't want him doing it outside of the home. I provide items for him to use and clean up with. Is this situation ok?


Corrin - posted on 12/03/2015




This is not something we would be able to freely talk about or even do in our family. I think it is more appropriate if the thought or topic of discussion was open but the physical act was done more privately as he is growing up. Not sure if that will impact him on his thoughts on sexuality with his partner in future.


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Normie - posted on 08/19/2016




Yes it's normal, but this is personal time alone. Not to be done in front of you! I'm would be discussed, If one of my boys did this in front of Me. It would be saying its healthy for me and my husband to have sex in front of the 4kids too?? No no not exceptable!!!!

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