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My daughter got her first period at the age of 11. She is still but she is a week late. What should i do? Should i talk to jer pediatric or my gynecologist??


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Lorraine - posted on 12/19/2015




Hi- Since both posts are marked as duplicate I am going to respond to this one and hope that you see it. Since she just started - you don't have to worry too much about the irregularity. Her body may be adjusting to all the changes and hasn't established a clear cycle. If she is heavily involved in sports you may see variations also. Just stay calm, keep her calm, make sure she is prepared and knows what to do when the time comes. If she is in school when it happens she can always go to the nurse. They always have supplies. You can also buy some Midol if she gets bad cramping. All these things that you do to reassure her will keep her calm.

Have you spoken to her pediatrician yet? You might want to use a female doctor in the group from this point on and have a conversation about this. When this happened with a friend of mines daughter, the decision was to stop the process with injections so that her daughter would continue to grow but I think her daughter was younger than yours.

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