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How do I respond? My 18 year old son did not come out of his room for Mother's Day. He ordered an paid for his own take- out and ate it alone in his room. My 16 year old son handed me a greeting colored in pencil on copy paper, then went by himself for a 3 hour bike ride. Neither came to our church where this holiday is observed. No flowers no gifts. No breakfast lunch or dinner made. I am miserable. How do I respond without making it worse?


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Unfortunately, we have to teach our children how to appropriately respond at certain times. They are not born knowing, and without examples, they don't know their behaviour is not acceptable to you.

So, first, I'd have to say, you don't say anything to your 16 year old. HE DID GIVE YOU A CARD. Maybe not the one you WANTED, but he thought about you, and he drew you a card.

The 18 YO, you could say something to, but he's probably going to take it as "I DID do something, I didn't make you cook"...

Mention to him that you'd have appreciated at least a "happy mother's day", but remember, these are human beings. You can't force them to extend appreciation to you.

My kids have never had an issue, but my husband (their father) always helped them get things picked out when they were younger, and made a point of instilling the tradition. If your kids didn't get that...then they'll not be likely to understand what you're referring to.

I'm sorry you had a rough day.

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