My 11 yr. old daughter hung up on her grandmother today after just hearing hello for no reason and want give one ??? We are worried because she is so close to her Mimi and always has been . Come to find out this has been happening for almost a yr, my mom said and she has asked my daughter about it and no reasonable explanations ??? My mom called me today and finally told me all this !!! I am overwhelmed at this news !!! Please help !!! What can I do to get to the bottom of this ???


Maria - posted on 10/14/2013




Talk to your daughter about why she doesn't want to talk with her Mimi. Be calm and prepared when you do have the conversation. And be very clear about respect. She is being very disrespectful to her elder who loves her. These middle school years are TOUGH with girls especially, I think. My daughter was also not into her grandma at that age but my mom stuck it out and was patient and my daughter was grumpy sometimes with her but not disrespectful. Now they are close again- she is 16-17. Good luck!

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