My 13 year old is feeling badly about "going out with" a boy because of her friend/his "ex"

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My daughter Nikki was asked out by a boy in her class. This is her first "relationship" and so far, it consists of limited hallway conversations and limited/simple texts. About 3 months ago, a girl Nikki thought of as a good friend switched out of her school and broke up with this boy. Unfortunately, Nikki lost touch with the girl and doesn't know the specifics of the breakup, but she still adores the girl and considers her a good friend.

Nikki is feeling really guilty and uncomfortable that her friend may be angry about this new relationship, who is probably aware of it because of social media.

Should she call the girl and just clear the air? Asking if she is ok with it? and if not, break up with the boy? Clearly, the boyfriend relationship isn't serious at this time, but she does like him and enjoys the attention. I guess I could really use help with exactly what she should say/ask... because she is clearly bothered by this. Thanks.


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I guess it depends on her intentions. If she's going to break up with the boy if her friend says she doesn't like it, then she should call. If she's going to stay with him, then there's no point. It also depends on if there's a chance the girl will be moving back and how far away she moved. This is an excellent opportunity for your daughter to make some "important" decisions.

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