My 13 year old son!

Tequila - posted on 02/22/2018 ( 4 moms have responded )



2 this is gonna be weird! Im a single mom so of course i haven't been a man so I don't know how it feels but I knew he would be masturbating probably by now. Now I went on their read a few things and they did say it's normal at this age as long as they are doing this in private and not touching anyone else. But this is where I am a little worried but not much because I'm pretty sure boys have tried this before. So right to the point... I caught my son in the bathroom sticking his penis into a hole in the bottom of the bear. Now I talk to him and tell him I understand his hormones are raging but thats not ok and he has to have control! PLEASE someone tell me this isnt like seriosly weird and something i should be worried about


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Michelle - posted on 03/02/2018




So masturbating is normal but does the world need to really hear about your son and what he is doing on his own?
Why are you walking in on your son in the bathroom?
Knock first and wait until he tells you that you can go in.
Being a single Mum is no excuse to not know how to raise boys, you know what is acceptable and not and that's what you teach your children.

Andrew - posted on 02/25/2018




And boys like to try new ways of masturbating. IF THERE is a hole, and they think there penise can fit ;) its going in! Hope the bear dosnt get pregnant. Sean the Movie "Ted". HA

Melissa - posted on 02/24/2018




lol - yes.. after awhile, just their hand will get boring.. i assume you do his laundry, you may find he uses a sock or such a thing. It is natural, but it does need to be stated that it is private, and that lotion or a kleenex or washcloth is good. While it may seem hard for a mom to say that, it is better than finding a surprise.

So be of good cheer.. my neighbor down the street found out her son was going through the hamper and using his sisters panties..

Terri - posted on 02/24/2018




I think you need to tell him it will make a mess of the bear if he keeps doing that I think lots of boys like to look at pics of naked girls when they masturbate and now it is a lot on the web they look at just talk to him and tell him it is normal for boys of his age to do this and help him if he needs any help and I don't think that it is weird what he has been doing after all he is just finding out about things and that is some thing you can help him with

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