My 13 year old son!

Tequila - posted on 02/22/2018 ( 2 moms have responded )



2 this is gonna be weird! Im a single mom so of course i haven't been a man so I don't know how it feels but I knew he would be masturbating probably by now. Now I went on their read a few things and they did say it's normal at this age as long as they are doing this in private and not touching anyone else. But this is where I am a little worried but not much because I'm pretty sure boys have tried this before. So right to the point... I caught my son in the bathroom sticking his penis into a hole in the bottom of the bear. Now I talk to him and tell him I understand his hormones are raging but thats not ok and he has to have control! PLEASE someone tell me this isnt like seriosly weird and something i should be worried about

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