My 13 year old son keeps getting in trouble at school....Please Help!!

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My 13 year old son just got off of being grounded yesterday (To his room, no t.v., computer, PS4, or cell phone) for arguing with teachers, being disruptive in class, talking back, not coming to class prepared i.e. no binder, pencil/pen, journal, etc… and being late for class. He even didn't get to play in his game this last weekend as part of his grounding ( he still had to go to practices, and go to the game, dressed for football, but benched, for bad behavior at school) But last night (after I gave him back his cell phone yesterday morning…) I got 3 emails from vice principal, and 2 of his teachers, stating that my son was not listening, talking, making fun of others, showing inappropriate drawings, and being told multiple times to stop, leading into a lunch detention, not being prepared for class again, having to urgentcy in getting work done, etc. So this morning , after breifly informing him of the emails and taking his phone away again, I said now you got a month, he said…"o.k." and walked away. I also told him that I would be going to walmart later and getting him his new clothes and shoes, as I had told him last week if he kept getting trouble at school, the next step would be walmart clothes, as he really likes his 'name brand ' clothes, which I told him, those are a privledge and not a requirement by law, I am just required to provide clothes on his back food in his belly and a roof over his head….all the extra stuff (cell phone, tv, nice clothes, shoes, etc…) are a privledge which can be taken away. But my son responded with "o.k." I am REALLY at a loss as what to do now. It's like he doesn't care what I say or do anymore…..Please help ! Any advice at this point is welcomed!!
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13 is a hard age. Not really a kid, but not an adult either. It sounds like he's hit what I call the "whatever" stage. It is hard to find what spurs him to take care of his responsibilities. On the clothing, perhaps if it's just 2-3 outfits that will require him to learn how to do laundry to get through the week. And you'll have to get creative to hide his other clothes. Maybe he would do well to visit with the school counselor or one outside of school. This could just be a stage, but there could be something going on that he's not sharing with you. I wish there was a magic cure, but hopefully this gives you some ideas. Prayers for wisdom and strength.

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Sorry to hear that Shannon.

I wish I had a miracle remedy to cure teenage rebellion, but I do not. I can tell you my oldest son, Matt went through a similar phase at that age. But it was just a phase.

Does your son have chores to do around the house? Or does he pretty much do whatever he wants?

Honestly, I've never been one to go out and buy name brand clothes simply because my kids wanted them myself.

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