My 13 year old sons acne, we have tried so much. Nothing is working

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My heart is breaking for my son, he is only in the 7th grade, we have tried Pro Active,
antibiotics for 3 months and defferin. Now the dermotologist has him using retnia at night and acanya in the morning. It just keeps getting worse. He does not drink soda or juice, and he eats fruits and vegetables.
Im willing to try anything. I wonder too, how well he is really washing his face. He is using cythaphil. nothing seems to work. He is already on the shy side and having a hard time adjusting in school. I don't want other kids making fun of him.
The dermo keeps saying it will get worse before it gets better, but when is it going to get better???
Any suggestions? I am thinking about taking him for an acne facial but I know that he will not want to, he wont let me or the dermotologist touch him. How do I know where to take him for one?

I read about the honey and cinnamon ? Any thoughts on that ?

Everything we have tried has been prescribed by a Dermotologist, except the proactive


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Let me clarify, everything my son has been using has been prescribed by a Dermotologist. Except the Proactive

Katie - posted on 10/29/2013




Honey does work as I use it on my daughter as she started year 6 she didn't want to be bullied. But I advise you not to use any tablets not subscribed from the dermoligst as they are very harmful. One my old friends son was goig through acne so she put him on a dangerous not subscribed tablets and he died two months later.

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