My 13 yr old daughter is dealling with bullies.

Francesca - posted on 02/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a very sweet 13yr old. She is the type of child that befriends the underdog. She is pretty and very well developed . On her first week of school, she got jumped by a group of girls. We have tried working with the school staff. But my current problem is, the boyfriends of these girls are now making comments and harassing her. She is trying to ignore them and the snide remarks. What advice can I give her?


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Amber - posted on 09/02/2017




' When we see a dog on a lead barking we ignore it. It caries on but eventually the sound disappears. It's still there but you cant hear it. '
' There are lots of people in the world, not everyone is nice and caring like you. Sometimes, you have to be the bigger person and sometimes you have to hit harder than them.'
My honest advice, is to train her in fighting... It's not going to stop, she needs to be prepared. Send her to kickboxing or help her in punching. These girls shouldn't be stronger than her if she trains hard. This doesn't mean she needs to get into fights. One hard punch that sends them flying should sort it.It may not be what you wanted to for her but its a way to stop it.
I'm a child myself, this helped and still helps me.
I wish you luck!

Janet - posted on 02/12/2009




Suport her and let her know they have a problem not her. My daughter had the same thing. I told her something was wrong at home. Anna left the privite school . Well, a year later she was at my door. Her parents were divorced. Both parents had new babies. Anna spend the afternoon and we enjoyed her. My daughter said later after she left. Thanks mom you were right and how did you know. Mom's seem to know alot I guess lol. Keep after the school, also don't let up because this will make school tough for your child.

Keep posting so we know how it goes. Good luck I send lot of good virbs. Also you your daughter is lucky to have you:)

Shelly - posted on 02/12/2009





  As far as your daughter tell her not let them see that they are getting to her.  She just needs to walk away and pretend they don't exsist.  And you need to keep an eye on her and make sure that her moods and attitudes don't change.  At that time is when you get involved again.  Go to the school first and request a meeting with the parents of these children.  Not only the boys but also the girls and just let them know that if their children continue the harassment of your daughter there will be charges filed with the police and put the school on notice that they will also be held responcible.  When it comes to our children you don't mess around because childen these days can be mean and intimidating.  You need to worry about your childs safty both emotionaly and physically.  I will keep the two of you in my prayers.    

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