my 14 year old daughter is so good about sneaking around on the internet and gets"friends"from all over the world. it scares me so badly. I monitor her phone, but she is so smart and always finds ways to talk to these people. I feel like I am being super controlling, and I don't want that, but yet I don't want her talking to ppl she doesn't know. the internet is so scary! should I give her more freedom or keep doing what I am doing? any suggestions would be wonderful!


Jackie - posted on 08/07/2014




Tiffany, definitely keep doing what you are doing! I have always told my kids they have to give me passwords etc, and are subject to random checks on their phones. On the computers I always had family monitor software. Its for their own good, and when I think I am being too controlling, I just turn on the news and what ya know there's some story about some teenage girl missing after having online convos with people that are usually older than they are, and do we want that for our kids NOOOOOO, or some kid commit suicide after being cyber bullied. My 13 yr old has no social media other than IG, and I follow her so I know whats up, that's another thing i have always insisted on as well. But she does have her iphone so there's that. Also they have a curfew, phones do not stay in their bedrooms at night. I told my kids if they don't like the rules they don't need phones or computers or we can be really strict & put locks on them that only I know the codes to. Maybe I am control freak, but at least I can sleep at night and not be too worried about what my kids are doing online. They know though that I am only looking out for them, and want what is best for them. Good luck! I think our parents had it easier all they had to worry about was us sneaking out at night, lol

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