My 14 year old son is suffering from severe depression, doctor wants to put him on medication.

Alison - posted on 04/13/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Our family doctor wants to put my 14 year old son on Prozac. I am very wary of prescription drugs, but he is so depressed he is not eating or sleeping. Depression runs in our family. I work in a Mental health facility so I see the effects of these drugs all the time. Any non judgmental advice or personal experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Natalie - posted on 01/09/2016




Try the prozac. Since you work in a mental health facility, you know exactly what to look for as far as negative side effects. You also know what can happen should you not treat him. I would recommend that he be tested for vitamin deficiencies as well. Low iron and vitamin D can be an issues too - especially in teens.
My daughter has also been severely depressed and the medication does help. In addition, she knows that she has to do things to work herself out of the funk - being out of doors and some physical activity is super helpful. Also, right now, we require her to do some volunteer work twice a week. She always comes back from these on a high - feeling helpful and good about herself. We have tried talk therapy but she doesn't respond well to that.
It's tough to have teenagers on any given day but add depression to the mix and it's a feat. I wish you luck.

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What does the counselor say?

Medication can be effective, but does take a lot of time and effort to get adjusted, especially meds that are used for depression, etc.

However, the difference after taking the right med is amazing.

Lorna - posted on 04/13/2014




I would have to agree with the no Prozac. I was put on that when I was extremely depressed. It made me feel like I had no feelings at all. My suggestion that worked for me was to go to counselling. Does he have someone he trusts to talk to? Sometimes boys just don't feel comfortable talking to their moms about stuff. Boy stuff, like girls, changes in their bodies etc. Do you know what I mean. Your son is 14, he really has a lot going on in his life right now. Hormones for one are playing havoc with him. He is at an age where he is uncertain of his own identity. I'm sure he has struggles as to where he fits in.There are a lot of stresses that go on in young boys lives. I am a single mother of 4 boys. Well three aren't boys anymore. 25,23,20. And my youngest is 12. So I have experienced a lot of turning points in their lives. My suggestion is to be open and honest with him,let him know that you are there, love him and together you will get through it.
I hope this helps a little bit. I do have a background in Child and Youth care counselling.

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