My 15 year old asking to get her belly done

Kayla R - posted on 04/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello mothers yes Iam not a mother and am 15 years old my mom had me at a young age so that's a little about my mom she let me have a boyfriend and all but I keep asking if I can get my belly pericing she keeps saying not it's not like am out there have sex and doing what other young girls are doing . When I asking my mom early in the year she gave me a straight up answer NO. ! I was pissesd off and when I asked her yesterday here the letter I type her and send to her of Facebook ''Dear mom , Yes I know am 15 years old and i know that's I've been asking to get my belly done and u keep saying no but why can't not ? I show u that I maturing and I feel that am old enough to get it done I been working really hard to keep my grades up and , when my grade drops I talk to someone /teacher and figure out a solution to keep my grades but and going to the school that u want me to and make very smart choices I feel and that stupid class that You wanted me to get in to but please just let me get it and trying and giving you my all I'll even try to keep my room clean and stop fighting with Elijah when U said NO that I COUDNT get it I want very disappointed you give me time I could have don't it behind your back but I thought about how much it will hurt and lose all my trust with u and nd have a relationship bond but I hoping and wishing that you say yes because if you do i know where I can get it done at a place one 44217 20th st west in Lancaster and to get it done is only 15.00 and I can pay for it Ik am going to Expect a little pain The piercing itself will hurt minimally The initial healing and swelling is going to be the worst part but to make clean it ik I have to rinse/ wash around it once or twice a day and I have to wash my hands before anything touching or washing it and that I have to rotating the belly piercing when it is wet and clean then I have to dry and apply rubbing Alcohol so the solution can slow and healing process and kill germs and bacteria and that i can't go swimming and I have to avoid touching it but I can only touch it when cleaning and I can't remove it or get a new pericing until healing and that will take up to 6 weeks or a month and the needel is $1 at the sweep meet and that ik you need thinking time but 3 of my other friends that I hang out with are get it one and my mom friend (Tytiana) is taking the other to girls and get it done alluu together and I really want to get it ???? Please 😥😫☺️😏😘😝 and I asked her she he really just pushed it to the side I guess but i don't know what to do not please help me please


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Girl I'm 15 too and I got my first piercing at 13! It was one on my ear called my 'rook'. Anyways my mum wasent so happy with me getting that done but then she started getting use to the idea that I'm growing up and that although she might not agree with some of the 'crazy' decisions I make, she has to let me do things anyway just for the experience. Explain this to her and she might let you;)

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