My 15 year old daughter is smoking pot. She is a athlete and she says she don't care for everthing. We use to be very close now she hates me.


Amberli - posted on 02/28/2013




I'm not a mom of a 15 yr old but i am raising my 15 yr old sister and im 22 and hope what i have to say can help you....I know its cliche but all girls when they hit 14-16 go thru a phase where the do nothing but butt heads with their mothers. Give her some space and be open with her. if youve ever experienced it before share your experiences with her and let her know that you dont judge her for what shes doing.
My mother n i had an open relationship where she knew i was gunna do stuff whether she liked it or not so she taught me to be honest with her. so anytime i was going to a party or gunna drink or anything like that i let her know in advance so she would be able to be there for me and know that if you try to ban anything it makes them go behind your back.
(she doesnt hate you, your her mom, she'll always love you)

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