My 16 yr old daughter has been home schooled the past year. This year her dad my ex enrolled her in a private girls school. She has missed the last 5 days and flat refuses to get up. I went through this in the past thus tried home school. At my wits end!! Any suggestions?


Jenny - posted on 09/05/2012




Will she say why she won't go? i think that really makes a difference, but based on what i know of the situation i think you may have to go back to home school, or maybe public school (though i can understand why you have avoided public schools). I assume there is a big difference between being home schooled and an all girls private school (i wouldnt know, i went to public school all my life, and so have my daughters) but its probably a huge change for her.

If i know more, maybe i can help more, but this isn't really my area of expertise, my daughters both enjoy school (at least as much as any other teen) and dont give me too many problems. Best of luck to you Sharron.


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