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I have a 17 year old son who is extremely disrespectful.he calls me all tyoes of names.even goes as far as telling me that he hopes i die..i feel like i tried everything.i am mentally drained sometimes i think well maybee he us depressed cuz he wint talk to me unless he needs money.or something..i am pretty much a single mom cuz my boyfriend has aspbergers and my son's dad passed away shen he was 8 years i have a daughter who is starting to notice his ways..i just luv my son so could he hate me like heart is broken.please help


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JoAnne - posted on 12/15/2016




I am really sorry you are going through this. Since every situation and each teenager is unique it's hard to give constructive advice so I recommend the book, Have a new teenager by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman and you can find it here: . It is the most insightful book about modifying teenage behavior that I have ever read. Since you know your son and you know your situation I really think you will find the information in this book helpful. Bonus -- the author has a great writing style so it's an enjoyable read too.

I do have an observation .... sometimes we take our anger out on the people we love and value the most because we are comfortable with them. Maybe your son does not really feel the things he says. Maybe he is simply venting because of some other problem in his life and he feels comfortable enough to vent on you.

Don't be discouraged. You can persevere through this and I believe you and your children will develop a stronger relationship for having lived through hardship and you will enjoy many blessings together.

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