My 17 year old son hates my boyfriend who has asked me to buy a house with him and get married but my son wont live with him . What should I do ?


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Mardi - posted on 10/18/2012




Your son is 17, how long is he expecting to live at home with you anyway??

You have several options, buy the house and move anyway......son can move out on his own, in with friends, or an option may be to turn your current house into a rental for him and another/others??

You could wait a year or two until son is out on his own/off at college and then do all this, he will be too busy with his own life and not living at home anymore anyway.....

This is your relationship, not your sons, so you have to work out whats best for you??? In the short term and the long term.

I take it you know why son wont live with him???

Kristin - posted on 10/18/2012




If it has been only you and your son your whole life he will dislike any man who comes into your life as he will feel like he is being replaced, I think the best option would be to have a heart to heart talk with your son and let him know that hes still your number 1 man but he will be leaving to go to college and will start his own family one day and that your bf makes you happy. Make sure to set aside a night for you and your son onle and maybe have bf talk to son as well

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