My 18 year old ran away

Mary - posted on 08/27/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 18-year-old daughter ran away and married a boy, we told her she could not see. . He enlisted in the Navy last fall , and was an adult . His stepfather , we suspect is a pedophile . he lived with his mother after she kicked out the first husband because he was a adulterer . Then moved this man in with her and her three children two boys and a girl . The boy told my husband and I when he had come To our home, that his mom was terrible because she made this man move out and had his car towed ! we found out that the man just wouldn't earned a living and she was supporting him . he then moved where we live and is now living with a woman and her two children . After he had been kicked out of his mothers home . He was about 13 or 14at this time and his brother was about 14 or 15. then I found out that both boys were living in this home where the stepfather is with his new live-in girlfriend and her two children . Then he said he adopted him and they took his name . I told my daughter this is not a good situation . The next thing I know after we had spent really nice times on vacation we came home had a birthday party for her with her grandparents . Next evening she asked me to rock her in the chair like I used to do . Sort of a family tradition ... I did that with my older son is well . She was always sweet beautiful girl . I wake up the next morning sounded kind of quiet thought she went out to breakfast with her father for her birthday . When he called he told me She wasn't with him! I ran back to her room and found a note on her bed . Telling me that she would be gone for a while and it shouldn't have to be this way but you'll always love her father and myself ! And to let her contact me when she's ready ! That was on August 4 it is now August 27th. I am grieving . They are married . And I believe that this young man is controlling her. She has blocked myself my son and many of our close friends on Facebook and other social media and phone . He is going to be deployed in November - I am praying that she does not become pregnant . He did not allow her to graduate from high school . He only has a high school degree and does not want any more education . She now has an apartment we know in Northfolk Virginia . The pictures I've seen of her gaunt, and looks depressed . I am just praying to God ! He knows all and it is in his hands . This is totally unlike anything I would ever dream would happen . Devastated mom! devastated mom please pray for me and my family !


Jodi - posted on 09/02/2015




I'm just going to say, I stopped at "My 18 year old daughter".

She is 18. That makes her an adult. She didn't run away. She moved out. She made an adult decision. You don't have to like it.

However, having said that, the rest of your post is really, REALLY confusing. Is her husband the one who has adopted these children and done all these bad things you disapprove of? Or has his family done these things? Or are you judging the man for the things his family has done?

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