My boyfriends 10 year old hates me

Sara - posted on 05/08/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay in need of advice. My boyfriends 10 year old is very disrespectful to me. I in the past tried getting a long with her but now I gave up and my boyfriend is on the urge of leaving me because I don't try with her anymore only because every time I try she walks away or tells me to leave her alone. Any advice


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Bella - posted on 05/12/2017




It can take some time to develop a relationship with her as she probably sees you as someone who is taking her dad’s attention away from her. I would suggest you think about how important your relationship with your boyfriend is to you. Have you tried discussing with your boyfriend how she's being disrespectful to you and why you made the decision to no longer try getting along with her? Could you ask him for his support in building a relationship with her? I think this kind of relationship that you are trying to establish with your boyfriend’s daughter takes time and patience. You might have to do things to win her over before you can begin to build a relationship with her. Is there something or an activity that she enjoys that you can arrange as a treat for her. I know it may seem like you have to do all of the giving at this stage but I think in the long run you will benefit from it. Wish you all the best

Heather - posted on 05/08/2017




My 10 year old daughter was exactly like this with my husband. She's a bit of a DIVA so I did tell her to respect him and wouldn't let her be rude to him. I stopped that behavior in its tracks! He finally won her over with humor. He would just be silly and tease her. She couldn't help but laugh. This is his personality though. It may not come to you naturally but you could try. My daughter likes going to the mall also. Maybe have a girls day at the mall-? Or a few hours if you don't want to do the whole day?
Hope things improve!

Ev - posted on 05/08/2017




How often are you around the child? How long have you actually been around her since dating her father?

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