My daughter Ashley turned emo

Choomchoomboom - posted on 03/31/2017 ( 5 moms have responded )




So lately I've noticed my daughter Ashley hasn't been hanging around her old friends. She only has one friend now (at least from what i've noticed). Her new friends name is Ellie she wears black,red or purple with chains and piercings in multiple areas of her body. Ashley used to be friends with Terry and Paige (Very nice girls except Paige is a little sketchey and backstabs people). I've noticed that my daughter didn't seem to have any friends all summer. The last day of school she had a party without my permission while I was away. I've been speculating something happened that day that caused her to lose her boyfirend Jimmy and her best friends Terry and Paige. But anyway my daughter Ashley has been dressing differently lately much like her firend Ellie she has been wearing black,red,purple and chains everywhere. She even went as far as cutting and dying her hair. I do not like this new "emo" Ashley. I WANT MY BABY BACK!!!!!


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Gardensparrow - posted on 04/03/2017




It is hard when you have to watch your child making decisions you don't feel are wise and are seeing changes in their personality. As far as her choices of friends, I know it's difficult to know when to step in.

However, instead of telling her she can't see these girls, perhaps just find ways to encourage her to make friendships elsewhere. For instance, find a local youth group or see if there's an extracurricular activity she'd be willing to take part in. But somewhere that you think she could form positive, healthy relationships.

Lastly, if you feel like she's really gone off the deep end, don't hesitate to look into some counseling. Perhaps approach it with the school counselor to begin with and get their thoughts. But it never hurts to seek a little outside help during times like these...

Michelle - posted on 04/01/2017




Unless she is breaking the law or disrupting the family, leave her alone.
She needs to find her place in this world and we all do it by trying different things. The more you try and change her, the more she will rebel.

Gr3at - posted on 03/31/2017




My daughter Sharla has also gone through a similar phase. After being cheated on by her ex Jason, she dyed her hair, started cutting, etc. It's been rough considering the cost of soccer clubs for my son have been so pricy lately. Going to a psychologist had our family at a low point. We almost had to tie up my husband Jay from attacking Jason. After a year of appointments she went back to normal. So just take her to professionals regardless of your concerns and her feelings about this.

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