My Daughter called me a bitch. Help.

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Sorry, me again, and, happened.
My Teen and i were having another "you can't tell me what to do" argument. She kept telling me to fuck off, and then i said that i was taking her phone. She called me a bitch. Is this normal? The teen isn't my biological daughter, she's adopted but a real daughter all the same. Does that mean she will stop loving me? She does suffer from severe depression..that sometimes does make her pull away, and she gets angry sometimes. I feel like she hates me, and she isnt the type to sit down and talk. What do i do? Is she going to stop loving me??


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Caitlin O - posted on 04/20/2014




Well if u can say it so can she get over it u bitch even if u don't call her one u still use the word and u can't deni ot

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