my daughter decided to move in with her father

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Here goes............ I have really never had problems with LeighAne............ until her 18th birthday on Feb. 13, 13. I kinda knew this day was coming but I thought I had would be ready. Well I wasnt. I thought I done everything in my power to save her from the mistake she has made. LeighAne was on restriction for breaking curfew on a sxchool nighr


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So what you are saying is that your adult daughter decided to move to her father's to finish the school year?

If you're in the US, most states have a certain age where the kid can make the decision of who to live with. And in the US, 18 is considered adult. In most european countries, 18 is an adult, and 18 yos are allowed to consume alcohol.

What you look upon as a mistake may be the step that makes your daughter into a self sufficient adult. But I'm kind of wondering why it is a "mistake" for a daughter to know and have a relationship with her father? After all, he is 1/2 of her DNA, and you did think enough of him at one point to have a child with him. Just because you think that your relationship with him wasn't the best choice doesn't mean that your daughter has made a "mistake". And I bet he'd agree, or at the very least point out that, to him, her living with you was the "mistake".

I do understand the desire to continue to impose restrictions on your adult children, but the reality of the situation is that once they hit 18, they don't even need to have parental supervision. If she wanted to get her own place, she'd be able to do so, and any judge would tell you that it's her choice.

Always remember that your children will not see the world through your eyes. They've got their own eyes to see through. While you and your husband's relationship may have ended, she's still got a relationship with her father.

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