My daughter had become friends on fb with a girl who she thought was a boy and developed feelings for her only to finally meet my daughter at one of our church functions and finds out she's not a guy at all and continues to talk to my daughter. I forbid my daughter to se or talk or to have any contact with her what so ever.. Only to find out after a year my daughter has continued to talk to this girl because this girl won't leave her alone and now my daughter thinks she bi sexual. I'm at a loss for words, feelings, don't know how to cope. I'm a Christian mom and this has devastated my family. The school my daughter goes to is allowing the over age lesbian to come to the school and pull her out of class to talk to her and the teachers and and assistant principal is tell the boy my daughters just broke up with that my daughter is gay. My heart is breaking. I love my daughter with all of my heart and I told her that and that I don't and won't except what she is telling me because its contrary to the word.. My daughter went to church a long time ago and have her heart to God and now this girl comes and is telling by things she wants to her and is telling her that her feelings are normal when they are not... Can someone please tell me what I can do to keep this girl away from my daughter? My daughter is a minor.


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If she thought the girl was a boy, she isn't bisexual. File harassment charges against the girl. If your daughter is a minor, you have every right to do that. If the school is doing that, WOW assert yourself. Report it to the school board, the names of the teachers and school officials involved as well. Tell them that you will call the police if it happens again. I mean take action now!!!! If the girl she is around is an adult, you can do a lot. The bible does not condone homosexuality. Love your daughter, hate the sin. You can't change her, but you also can't tell her it's okay. Homosexuality is a LIE Satan tries to make people believe about themselves. The bible says not to add or take away from it. A lot of that stuff was laws already set up and context of the times. But sin is sin. Nicole, I think you're misunderstanding the bible. I'm not going to argue with you, but you should spend some time in prayer.

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First of all, what the heck is wrong with the school for letting your minor daughter leave class with someone like that? Have you told them that you don't want that happening. I have never heard of any school doing that ever. Also, why are the teachers and assistant principal gossiping about your daughter? That needs to be handled - complain to the principal and the school board. Your daughter is under age. Take the computer away if she can't follow your rules. There are many things you can do to keep this overaged woman from your daughter. Get a restraining order against her and give the school a copy of it so they know to call the police if she shows up. Enforce some rules with your daughter. If you are telling her what she is not allowed to do, and she isn't following your rules, punish her. If she gets mad or upset, who cares. Be proactive about this. You can cope with this because you have too.

One more thing, if your daughter does turn out to be gay or bisexual, be there for her any way. As a Christian, we are to love first and foremost.


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One issue at a time.
First of all deal with the school. They should NOT be releasing your daughter from class to anyone other than you and your husband without written consent!! report it to the school board or the local authorities.
Second, when you say your daughter is a minor, and that this "woman" is "over age" how minor and how much older are we talking? (if your daughter is 17 and this woman is 19 or 20, the police may not be able to do anything as there are certain ages of consent that they cannot enforce)
Third, as a good Christian you should know that it is no-ones job to judge your daughter's choices but God Himself. Not you or anyone else. You should love and support your daughter, as this is not a choice, this is the way she was born. It is the same as if she was born with green eyes instead of blue, it is the same as if she was born with brown hair instead of blonde. You can use contacts, or you can dye your hair, but they will always be the same original colour underneath. Your daughter can pretend to be straight to make you happy, but underneath she will always be whatever she truly is, and to force her to change that will make her miserable. I know friends who have lost children to suicide, because they could not handle disappointing their parents by being gay. Would you rather she be dead than gay? I am guessing not, so that is something you should consider when you put this kind of pressure on her.
I am also a Christian, I should point this out before I continue, but I also know that the interpretations of the Word of God have changed over the years, and certain things that were viewed to be sinful have now been brought to light as misinterpretation. Much of the bible can be vague and often misinterpreted, but think about the fact that the bible also states that you should not wear blended clothing, that a woman should leave her village and hide in shame when she has her period, that we should eat kosher, that we should not eat certain foods or not do many things, and yet most of these beliefs have been discarded. If it is your beliefs that you follow all of these things completely to the letter, than I apologize if my advice is out of turn. But if you can excuse these behaviours, and even do some of them yourself (like not leaving your village, or wearing blended clothing) then maybe you can find it in your heart to love your daughter despite what you view as her flaws, give her the love and support she will need through this difficult time. She will face enough hate in the world, it shouldn't start at home.

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