My daughter is in trouble and needs help

Mrs Susan - posted on 04/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter of 16 years I think is in trouble with her life aand I do not know what to do to help. She claims she is being bullied by a girl who keeps sending her nasty messages but last night we had the law at our door claiming that my daughter keeps pestering her so called bully and there was evidence and will not leave her alone. My daughter is upset and claims that she is innocent it is the other way around. She has deleted the nasty texts from this bully from her mobile. I want to believe her and support her but I am worried sick. What can I do? My husband and I have taken her mobile off her but she wants it back. Frightened if her or her friends will do anything else. My son is 14 and is okay and my daughter comes from a loving home. I didn't realise my daughter was that upset. Is there anyone a parent can talk apart from close family. I do not want to make the situation any worse.


Brittney - posted on 04/03/2012




I was bullied in elementary school and in high school, the high school one was very different. She had her friends gang up on me, I told my school counselor what was going on and....she contacted the teachers and told them to move the desks away from me. The teachers did and one teacher (I went to Tucker Center during lunch) called me in the back room to see what was going on. They also called the bullies in to speak to me and say sorry (I didn't even think high school teachers would do that). After we talked, she never bothered me again.

Your daughter has come to you for help. Change her cell phone number and tell her to only give it to the friends she trusts and make sure those friends know not to give her number out to anyone who asks. If something happens at school, tell the counselors, they will know how to handle it. If she does receive a text from the bully or the bully's friends just tell her not to reply, they want a reaction and they will do anything to get it. If the texts contain words linked to assault or abuse call the police and let them deal with it, make sure you have evidence.

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