My daugther is 11 yrs old and she has a crush--is it normal at that age??

MELANIE - posted on 04/29/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




How can I talk to her about it? I want her to study first. I want her to treat me as a friend about that matter and I don't want her to keep secrets from me. WHAT IS THE BEST THING TO DO??


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Yes. Just let her talk to you about it. Nothing will happen. Just set up rules for when she is allowed to date.

Connie - posted on 05/07/2013




Most girls have their real first love in their preteen to early teen years. This may or may not be a two way street. i have 4 daughters from 18 to 8. Ask what you want to know. It is important that you let her know if she has questions she can ask without you making assumptions or getting angry. This is when listening is key. Good luck and God Bless!

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Totally normal!!! My daughter always tells me more than my son. Be open, available, and ask questions. Part of growing up is separating from you, and they don't tell us everything, that is OK with the minor stuff. Just don't push and don't judge. You earn trust with these conversations. It is important not to be a friend, look at the role as mentor, advisor, but friend is hard with teenage girls (she will be there before you know it!) Friends don't set rules and boundaries, which teens desperately want and need to feel safe,

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Yes it is normal because they hear it everywhere. We have 5 children and the one thing everyone is doing in my house is talk. Once a week we have family meeting and the floor is open you can talk about everything. Every second saturday we have family game day and we play board games and once a week my husband has got date night with the girls 3 of them each on their own night. At first it was difficult but it took us one year to get into this routine. We don't have any moody or difficult children. Open communication always helps.


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Missy - posted on 04/30/2013




It's normal in my home. My daughter is just turning 6 and has been in "love" with a boy named Marshall since preschool. But, my boys didn't talk about girls until high school so I do find it a little over whelming.
Keep talking to her about this boy. Keep talking to her about her obligations. I'm not really sure about the friend thing. I've never been a friend to my kids but, I'm very close to all of them. But, then again I kept secrets from my mother so I'm not 100% convienced that raised the perfect open & honest children that I like to pretend that I did.

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