My estranged husband molested my daughter

Lindsay - posted on 06/17/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I recently found out my estranged husband was molesting my daughter, his stepdaughter, for years while I was gone working. She's 15 now and the abuse occurred for a few years. We broke up 6 years ago and my daughter hasn't seen much of him since. We also have an 11 year old daughter together and he has 2 other girls from a previous relationship. My daughter told me she never said anything before now because she was afraid the other girls would hate her and because her dad died when she was 3 she didn't want them to grow up without their dad like she did. I feel tremendous guilt of not knowing and not protecting my child. I've reported it to the police and am awaiting an investigation to begin. My 11 yr old was present when her sister told about the abuse and is mortified and devastated. She loves her dad and thinks he's wonderful. The officer told me not to let my ex know about the investigation until they have a chance to interview him. I did take it upon myself to tell the mother of his other girls. I honestly feel he isn't in appropriate with his own kids, just my daughter. Our entire family is being torn apart and I feel terrible for my daughter the victim and my daughter who wants to spend time with her father on father's day. It just might be the last time she sees him for a long time. I'm looking for advice and if any women have experienced this themselves. I should add that my BIL molested my little sis and I for years before we said something. Which makes me that much more disappointed in myself for not knowing the signs. Shortly before I left my husband during sex he said something like wouldn't it be hot if "Sally" not her real name but my stepdaughter, walked in and saw us" Obviously I lost my shit and left soon after. I asked him if anything weird was going on btwn them and of course he denied denied denied with a million excuses. I've asked my daughter prior to finding out and she denied it for reasons I can relate to. Just needing some advice and support

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