My girlfriends daughter is the anti christ!

Santos - posted on 02/20/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ive recently moved in with my lady of two yrs. Her 12 yr old daughter has given her nothing but trouble even before we started going out. However, I just didn't realize how bad she was untill I moved in. She constantly degrades her mother everytime she opens her mouth. The language and venom that spews from her mouth is unconscionable. She enjoys starting physical fights with her older sister and her boyfriend when she gets bored. To the point that I have had to physically keep the boyfriend from assaulting the girl. Then there is her lifestyle. SHE DOES ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! Im not kidding. Her mother does everything for her. And still she runs her mouth. She won't bath, change her clothes, clean up after herself. Her room looks like a dumpster! She is the laziest child I have ever met! She refuses to even flush the toilet after she uses it! Everytime - All the time! She gets home from school and plops on the sofa and stuffs her face. She is 4"10 and about 225 lbs. At 10 pm when the daily fight starts about her bed time. Which ussually goes to 12 am or so. My lady is at her witts end. And so am I. I have 3 boys that I cannot allow to come visit because of her. I wont have it. EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID IS 100% TRUE. IN FACT I HAD TO SUGAR COAT MOST OF IT. WE NEED SOME ADVICE. THANKS.


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Love Jennifer ♥

Jill - posted on 02/23/2015




You have a medical problem. Sounds like extreme hormonal imbalance with depression manifesting as anger and violence. That girl needs a highly-qualified psychiatrist (get 2 or 3 opinions if you need to, but don't settle for a quack) and some drugs (antidepressants or anti-psychotics).

Please know that as a stress management consultant and life coach, with 30 years experience with children and youth, I almost never recommend this treatment method because I think drugs are way over prescribed and there are so many other solutions such as Michael Brandwein's L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M. method or James and Janet Lehman's "The Total Transformation Program." However, a child who won't flush or shower, in addition to everything else you mentioned is in dire straits and needs significant intervention. Please get her the help she needs as soon as possible. It is a short path from where you say she is to either the legal system or the path to suicide. Good luck!

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The 12 year old needs discipline, and her mother needs to start making her do for herself. The girl needs to learn how to take care of herself, clean, and get into a routine that includes a proper bedtime. They may need counseling to get the mother to realize that her behavior has allowed her daughter to get this out of control, and the daughter needs to realize that she's not going to get very far in life with her current mentality. If your lady can't stop coddling her daughter and get control, then I suggest you get out of the relationship, live your life, and spend time with your boys.

Miranda - posted on 02/21/2015




Well you seem to have a hell of a problema here. I would suggest having a nice family sit down with the three of you. But before hand I would suggest talking to your lovely, lady of a wife and see what her opinion is and if you are allowed to take action as well. Not physically as I hope you know because that is very bad and my women's rights team would be very dis pleasured. Also try not to be a MOTHERNIST man. But I hope it craps up to what it is supposed to be.
With mucho pleasure- Miranda

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