my husband and son disrespect me

Arlene - posted on 01/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




my husband and I been married 22 years,we have never really got a long, we have a 15 year old son together good kid, but my son disrespects me and I feel he hates me. because of my husbands behavior ,my husband makes a joke out of everything! he is very hard to get a long with. he disagrees with everything I say, when it comes to our son,and everything for that matter.He buddys up with my son to go against me on all things such as school and even taken out the is just ridiculous!!!! the horrible disrespect it hurts me,I have tried everything. my son only talks to his dad not me for the past week,cause Jake was slipping up in school! and he was just disrespecting me on they way to school,and not checking in after in till 8pm at night,and he allso wanted rides for this friends, who are very rude and thankful for a ride. I bring this up to my husband and he says in front of our son what did you do!:0 these are the kind of things that are going on,or I say to my son homework tonight? and if he does my husband wants him to watch a movie first.this behavior is unacceptable I feel i'm the target and i'm at a lost. Arlene Bond


Ana - posted on 01/29/2014




The problem is not your son, it's your husband!

And im sorry to say, that you son loves you, but because you let your husband disrespect and walk all over you, he has no real respect for you.

Counseling and prayer is your only hope.

You need someone or God to intervene and break down the disrespect and help put your marriage back together so that you relationship with your son can be repaired and your husband wont sabotage it.

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