My just turned 15 year old daughter want her boyfriend in her bed!

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I'm 15 and I came across this site looking for answers on the law of what age teenagers should be let to sleep in the same bed as the boyfriend/girlfriend.
I am only looking because my mum is very worried and really panicking that she could get prosecuted for letting me and my boyfriend sleep in the same bed.
It is a long term relationship that I am in and yes we have had sex, I'm aware that I am young and I should of waited but every teenager is going to do it eventually. Anyway, my mum does know about me having sex with my boyfriend (I have had no other sexual partners and neither has he) and yes she was dada pointed and I'm pretty sure she still is but she has got me on the pill and I use condoms. She knows she can't stop me from doing it so she wants me to be as safe as possible if I am. My mum has recently started letting my boyfriend stay over in the same bed with the door left open. She said no sex, nothing in her house (which I have respected)
She is very worried that there are laws that she can get prosecuted for letting me and my boyfriend sleep together and be intimate. So she has put a stop to me staying his and him staying at my house.
My argument is, if she is that worried, that it's simple that no one will find out if none of us says anything (not like it's anyone's business anyway)
But she isn't allowing it now and isn't allowing him to come to my house if she isn't there.
I said 'but my brother is here, what's the difference?'
And then she flipped shit.
I understand my mum has gave me ALOT of leeway and that it's hard for her to accept but I need some advice! Even as a 15 year old on a website for mums hahaha.
Can someone ease just tell me there opinion on this because it is driving me insane as my mum keeps changing her mind and the 'rules' in which me and my boyfriend can and can't do.
Also I know it's abit weird me being on a website for mums haha but I needed to vent and let of some steam...


Melania - posted on 04/20/2015




You should listen to your mother and respect her rules. She was young once and she understands but she is also older now and she is only doing what's in your best interest. You are so young to tie yourself to one person. Keep and open mind and an open line of communication and respect with your mom. Good luck! (good job on the safe sex, I don't support it at your age but at least you're being responsible)

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