My responsibility but out of options!!!

Heidi - posted on 01/23/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is in trouble with the police constantly latest being armed robbery which the police have put down to a prank gone wrong !! He is a bully a thief he has previous for sexual harassment, I have Called in outside agencies who my son continues to manipulate and lie to and play the victim, I have brought in yot services who again he has weaved them into believing he is not this person his family are making him out to be and I must be a neurotic mother who just sees bad in her son, I have tried every single option with my son he has no respect for us as parents no respect for authority, that especially don't help when I am trying to punish my son for his behaviours and professionals counteract myself and his dad. We told don't ground him it's against his human rights, not allowed to take objects of him such as phone etc as a way of punishment because again it is against his humans rights, the knives and hammers he has under his pillow I have to put down to he forgot he had them??? Like what child has carving knives and hammers and forgets?? When he has smashed cars its was on apparently by the police because he's young and learning?? And as previous mentioned he committed armed robbery on four separate property's then ran from armed police unit that was deployed nearly shot but don't be hard on him it just a prank gone wrong??? So sorry if I'm confused but us as a family who are trying to discipline and teach him that these action are not correct are being punished by authority figures who I would of thought would be backing us up to steer him right before he ends up in jail on a serious serious crime?? Where am I suppose to go now?? Most services will not touch him as to them he does not make criteria, my doctor just wants to put me on happy pills,so he no help school has also agreed with that my son needs mental health care but again he hasn't done anything serious enough for them to get involved, it is tearing my family apart he can not interactive with his siblings because he hurts them, so he not allowed to be on his own with them, he steals constantly from us, I feel we are having to follow him around to make sure he is not doing anything, a lot of people out comments such as bad parenting, and kids only learn from their parents etc but me personally I have raised 8 children not one if them has ever been in trouble with the police my oldest is 20 by the way and about to go the forces, I am very aware of what my children are doing and where they are, and I have prided myself on the fact that all besides my son has respect, manners and knows what is right and wrong in life, and before the keyboard warriors say well with 8 children you can't keep an eye on all of them and expect them not to be in trouble and with that many you are going to neglect other areas, this is not the case we all have a very strong connection I am honest with my children and they are with me, we are very protective with one another and basically I respect my children as the persons they are as they do to myself and their father. I just need to know does anybody have any suggests that I might not have thought of? Also can I also include I have even begged psychologist from both the private sector and public to evaluate him, and again he does not meet criteria.


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