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My son is 15 and he and I are very close with each other. He has personally told me that he masturbates and that he has urges, I have given him the talk and told him that's it is only natural. However the one thing he is concerned about the size of his penis and I would rather not say the size but if there are any other mothers out there that have had this situation please tell me what you did.


JoAnne - posted on 09/15/2016




I think its wonderful that you have such a strong relationship with your son that he feels comfortable talking to you about this.

I have a daughter so I have kind of the opposite problem. Girls are concerned about the size of their breasts as compared to everyone else's. Teenagers are smart, so I think any platitudes aimed at making them feel better don't really hit the mark. Instead I try to present an explanation with which they can identify and believe in.

My explanation is that we are made in God's image so we are perfect just the way we are, but still unique when compared to everyone else. Society has forced unrealistic standards of physical beauty upon us so it can be difficult to be confidant in ourselves. We have to decide that we are perfect, believe it within ourselves and then present an outward attitude of owning it. Presumably they will someday be married and if they cultivate a strong relationship with their spouse, their spouse will care so much about the person they are on the inside (this next part is the real key) that their spouse will be perfectly satisfied with the person they are on the outside.

I realize your son is open to discussion and does not have a problem, which is one of the topics of this article, but there may be also something in it that will help you with his concerns. And I'd like to say I think you are a fantastic mom for being able to talk to your son about something that people tend to find uncomfortable. Great big pat on the back for you and God bless you!

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I told both my sons that EVERYONE is different, and no two are going to be the same size, shape, etc


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has he shown you it? That is different than if he just has problem with size. Is it big because then he is having a different issue than if it is small. After that depends how close you are.

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