my son 14 year old spend more time with xbox live, how i reduce time for play.


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User - posted on 04/09/2012




I only let my son play on the weekends and that is with my permission. He us 13 and there are so many things for kids to do besides sit behind electronics all the time.

Sally - posted on 04/09/2012




I had this with my son (15). I just told him that he was only allowed on xbox for a certain amount of time each day and if he wanted to argue he'd lose it for a week and longer if there was a repeat. So decide how long you will allow him and then lay down the law . He will argue but if you take it away when he does he will soon learn to except your rule. Hope it helps

Pat - posted on 04/09/2012




I would get tough on this problem very soon or you may be facing bigger problems in a few years. For example my 17 yr old son has the same issues. He's failing several classes because of laziness and distractions. It's almost impossible to fail high school classes unless you refuse to turn in work or take tests so this is not a learning issue. I believe many kids of this generation are truly addicted to their electronic devices and I regret caving in to these fads when he was younger because "everyone" is playing games, texting, on facebook etc. We just shut down xbox live and getting ready to take the phone away in hopes it will jolt him as he will be a senior next year and he already has to make up science and math classes to graduate. There are seven years between my son and daughter. My daughter was born in the eighties. She only watched occasional movies on vcr, did not have a cell phone until college, and never played video games. She was a very good student and is now in dental college. All my son is worried about is xbox live and texting. We recently told him that we will not be paying for college unless he has a big turnaround during senior year. He can go find a job, maybe the real world wll help. My husband and I have definitely decided we are not paying thousands of dollars so he can go socialize and hope he starts to do better like other parents we know. Unfortunately the handwriting is on the wall. I feel bad about taking away these things over grades because he does not have other behavior problems, is polite and well liked by teachers who wish he would turn things around as well. I feel bad because all he he seems to care about is entertainment and friends and is still not concerned about his future.

Brittney - posted on 04/08/2012




You could try setting up the payment plan every month instead of yearly or tell him he's played enough and turn off the tv. My husband is always using the tv for his gaming.

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