My sons are always fighting. What do i do?

Jessica - posted on 09/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have two teenage sons, both 16.

Zach was always a handful, crashing cars, getting tattoos, smoking. My husband and I had enough, so we send him off to a boarding school in England when he was 9 and then he moved to live in Australia when he was 11. He was always very independent and even though we don't agree with the choices he makes, we respect his decisions.

Jacob, is the complete opposite. Their twins but Jacob is a sweet kid. Does well in school and has never done anything that he'll regret.

Zach got suspended a few months ago so we flew him back home. Ever since he got here, the two boys have been fighting about everything and anything. They barely talk and when they do, one of them is always picking a fight. I don't know why they would fight so much. They've gotten along perfectly fine before Zach moved. What is going on with my sons? How do I get them to treat each other nicely? Zach is going back to school in a month but i don't want him to go away hating his twin.


Patricia - posted on 09/30/2012




I don't have sons myself, just daughters, but I have girlfriends that do and they let them "fight it out between each other " and my Mom friends say they go for a walk, step outside or otherwise stay "out of it". - your nice, sweet boy will have to toughen up a bit due to the other brother 's personality; let them work it out on their own; we are animals after all: one will always be the alpha male and it is hard on the other weaker one but it's like that out in the work world, too.

Maybe your sweet son can do homework at a good friend's house, be home a little less, or have a spot in the garage or basement to get away from his brother with the anger issues.

BTW, it's all part of growing up, being independent and learning who you are and will become.

Good luck!

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