My teen daughter is having sex for money and gifts

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About one year ago my 16 year old daughter had sex for the first time. Of course she thought she was the only one, but got her heart broken instead. She also ended up with and STD and almost getting raped by this guy and three of his friends. She promised she would never do this again, and of course, I believed her. I found out she has been sneaking out of her window to go have sex with guys she meets on the internet. I confronted her about it and she ran away from home.

Two weeks later I found her and we work things out....or so I thought. A few months after she came back home she started up again sneaking in and out...and of course when I caught her, she ran away from home again. And again I brought her back. She promised she not going to do this again.

Now, just last week, my 19 year old son caught her in the bath room having sex with a boy, and she had 3 others in her room waiting for their turn! This girl has been having sex for money and gift. She sneak people in the house while we are all sleeping. Needless to say, she ran away again. This time, I told her she could not come back.

I also have an 11 year old daughter in the house.


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Thank you Patrica. Counseling has been brought up and she agrees that she may need mental help.

Patricia - posted on 10/08/2012




I have a daughter, too, so I understand your concern for your daughter's

health, safety and sanity.

She needs deep psychological counseling and she needs it soon.

I would go with your daughter and start with the school counselor, and

if your daughter won't go, you can go all alone. But please reach out

to a professional therapist/counselor that specializes in teenagers.

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