need advice about my 13 year old son

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Hello ladies i am new here and i am looking for advice i am 34 and it is about my 13 year old son.I am a single mom who lost my husband to cancer 2 years ago and my son misses him so much.My son does not have a father figure in his life at all .My dad also died when i was very young and i was also the only child .I do get to talk on the phone and see my mom once a week.I try to be the best mom i can be but it is so hard plus working full time .My son is a good kid a very funny kid who loves school but he is very quiet and really does not have many friends and he loves sports all sports and loves to play cards .I had to switch schools this year because he got bullied last year and he was beating up so bad towards the end of school last year that he was sent to the ER by EMT'S.He got 15 stiches in the head and i had to get his 2 front teeth fixed because he got kick in the mouth.So i had enough but so far this year knock on wood there has not been any problems

I try to do a lot for him and i play catch with him because i played softball in school .We go on a lot of trips during the summer time and a number of minor league ball games .I did get him ready for church yesterday and i told him how handsome he look and he was like oh mom please lolololo..So i do have to tell you a great story before one of the minor league games started and they players were warming up.We were standing all the right field area were a left fielder from the other team comes over and starts talking to my son.So the player took my sons glove and he got his about 15 autographs and my son was in heaven.So then he was like mom did you do that to ask him to get me autographs and i was like no honey

My mom also worries about her grandson also so much and my girlfriends love my son and they have supported me so much and i love them so much.So my mom and my girlfriends told me that i should get off the horse and start dating again .I just can not right now because i miss my husband so much and we were high school sweethearts.It is just so hard for me and my son because my husband was a great dad and it is also hard for my son because of Christmas he wishes that his dad was still here

My son also has ask Santa to bring him a puppy for Christmas but the problem is were we live they do not allow any pets .I put a request in to have a kitten but that was also denied me and my son both love animals and believe me if we were lived allow pets i would go out and get him a puppy today.

How can i help my son because i worry about him so much and he is at that age were he needs a father figure in his life .I try to be the best mom i can so i am just trying to figure out what to do .My son also cry's a lot while he sleeps and it makes me sad : (

So any help or advice any mom's can give me i would like it so much ,Take care and god bless


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Michelle - posted on 11/17/2013




Hi Shawnn thank you so much i really appreciated and me and my son really do miss him so much.I did talk to my son about that i was looking into the big brothers and he told me it would not be the same with out his dad.So he ask me top please do not contact them but i am still going to .I did though which my works hours to the morning so i can spend more time with him.He told me a few days ago in gym that he did not get to be picked to play flag football he just sat on the bench .It breaks my heart when he tells me things like that i wish i could do more for him.I do have a date with a gentleman this coming friday that i did meet,It crazy i did tell my son he seem happy that i was going out on this date .I have to get going thanks for the replay and i am always looking for new friends to talk so if you would be interested please let me know .Take care and have a great day God bless

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Jennifer, I'm sorry for your loss, and that of your son! I can't imagine going thru that!

Would it be at all possible to get your son involved with a mentoring program, such as big brothers/big sisters? Perhaps a youth group at church, or extracurricular group with a male role model?

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