need advice on my 15 year old pregnant niece!!

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hey moms just need advice on a situation that i'm having with my 15 year old niece. it's kinda of along story but i'm gonna make as short as i can. my 15 year old niece recently got placed into my home by DHS because of an altercation she had in her dad house with her stepmom. she's been with me for about 2 months already and i just recently found out that she's pregnant!! i really don't know how to handle this situation. i have young kids of my own (8,7 and 2) and i'm just not ready to take care of a newborn. i know she's gonna need all the help and support she can get right now but she's really making the whole situation worse. her behavior has been really out of control and i don't know how much i can handle. she constantly disrespects me, talks back to me, sometimes comes home late, missing school days, etc. she wants to be able to do whatever she wants and expects me not say anything. i'm stuck on a decision i have to make within a week. i spoke to her caseworker and she gave me an ultimatum, either i let her stay in my house and help her with the baby and they will grant me full custody of my niece or i will have to give her up and they will take her to a group home. i know how bad them group homes can be and how bad they treat people there but she's really now making the situation any better with her bad behavior. i will feel very bad sending her that place but i feel like i dnt have any other choice. any advice? please help!!


Michelle - posted on 10/05/2018




You have to think about your other children first.
If she isn't showing you any respect then sorry, I would be packing her bags.
You gave her a chance and she is just throwing it in your face. Maybe going to the group home will be a wake up call for her. Hopefully it will show her that she can't be disrespectful to people and expect them to help you.

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