newly weds withteenage step kids !!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!

Sheena Lee - posted on 06/10/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have two new teenage kids in my life from my husbands previous relationship. tey love me but they get so angry when their father and I try to plan a family event. when their father tries to talk to them about it he gets frustrated and gives up. when I try and talk to them abut it I get angry and then I blow up. we are a new family and I want us all to hang out but they don't please help..........


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/11/2013




Ditto both Kristin and Lakota.

Put up a "suggestion box" of sorts, and tell the kids you'd like suggestions for activities they'd like to participate in as a family, for starters.

But, most importantly, learn how to communicate with them without the blowing up and frustration. Those kids are adjusting to a new dynamic. It doesn't include their mother. They don't necessarily have to be comfortable with it immediately, and it will continue to be a problem unless you and your spouse are patient.

Lakota - posted on 06/11/2013




I agree with Kristen. Ask what they want to do. But, you and your husband must find a way to control the frustration and the blowing up. Remember, you two are the adults.

Kristen - posted on 06/10/2013




They are teens remember being a teen and how "uncool" it was to hang with the parents, maybe try asking them what kinds of things they would like to do. Have to find things that would interest them. Maybe have them give you a few different things. Kids of any age can be frustrating and both you and your husband needs to try and stay calm.

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