Oh my Gosh, my teen girls are total slobs! How do I get them to clean their bedroom and bathroom.

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I have two teen girls, one is 16 and one is 18 years old and they are total slobs. How do I get them to clean their bedrooms and bathroom? I have been struggling with this problem for years. I have tried different tactics. I have bribed them. Telling them they can't go out with their friends unless they clean their rooms. That worked only if they wanted to go out, plus I got tired of nagging them. Now, I am trying to have natural consequences. You see I would normally do their laundry if they brought it into the laundry room. Now their dirty clothes are lying all other their bedroom floor and I have not washed their clothes in two weeks. It looks like a tornado hit their rooms. In the bathroom there is makeup products all other the counter and dirty makeup pads. I am hoping they run out of clothes to wear. Also, that they get tired of the disastrous rooms. I use to always caved in and clean their rooms and and do their laundry. But, I got discouraged because I realized they would try on clothes and put it in their dirty laundry hamper in their rooms because they were too lazy to hang them back up. Help....am I doing he right thing????? What do other moms do to deal with this situation? Again, I am so tired of nagging.


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Well, it sounds like you're talking about clutter, not a health hazard... so I'd probably leave it alone.

Don't do their laundry unless they bring it to you. Don't allow the mess to impact the rest of the family - no food mess that attracts bugs, no communal family property getting lost in their mess, etc. If they can function in the mess fine, if they can't (homework is getting lost, they're late for school because they can't find clothes, etc) that's not okay and something needs to be done about it.

My general thought is that by 16 and 18 habits have formed and cleaning your room because your mom nags you isn't going to do much other than damage your relationship.


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Wow my daughter hated to clean her room and I never got to my room to clean it so we swaped rooms . It worked for her and she like digging threw my stuff which I really did not care if she did . In the end my closet was clean and her room was the way I wanted it to look . Not the best solution but it worked for us .

Lila - posted on 06/20/2014




hide 5 dollars in their room under the mess, if their smart they'll get cleaning right away

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