Pads or tampons or both??

Chantel - posted on 04/03/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Soo... my 12 year old started her period yesterday. She'll be 13 next weekend. She had a lot of questions even though we had a good birds and the bees conversation 2 years ago. She dances, a LOT (18 hours a week). I gave her a pad last night and we're heading to CVS when she wakes up to get a better size for her little body (4'-9). She had a lot of questions about tampons ... which surprised me because I think she's generally afraid of them. I took one of mine ... showed her how it would work (made a fist and inserted it and then put it inder the faucet with water running to show how it expands). She was intrigued. Later she was asking if it hurt ... and I explained that at first it hurts a little and it's uncomfortable but then it's basically invisible inside and you don't feel it until you change it. At any rate I feel I do have some influence here. She's very apprehensive to go to dance tomorrow with a pad on. It's also like I said her first period. I'm thinking of getting her tampons and pads today... and I'm wondering if I'm crazy. All responses will be appreciated! Please share your experiences. Thanks!


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Maria - posted on 04/03/2016




I think she needs time to use tampons properly. Everybody is different, anyway generally tampons can give more cramps and facilitate infections, in addiction to the toxic shock syndrome (very rare but still a risk). She need to be responsible enough to remember to change them maximum every 3 or 4 hours or less if she have very heavy flow (you learn this with time and experiences). Then pads are very simple to use and you can see when you need to change them. So I would give her tampons only for dance time and back to pads after that. Given that they are the first times I would suggest to wear a panty liner with tampon in case it gets saturated and leaks.
My daughters use tampons only for swimming and sometime for physical activity.

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