Please 15 year old making her fun family life look bad????

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My 15 year old and I get along pretty good. She is 90% respectful and is a good girl. I just want to know if there is another mother daughter relationship out there like mine. Let me explain. I am a softy. I have always did crafts, baking, projects, you name it with her and I am finding, when she gets the chance, she tries to make me look so bad infront of people. For example, the other day, we were wrestling, she was hitting me pretty hard and I became firm and said, If you continue, I will have to be as firm on you as you are being on me and to please keep it playful. Days later her brothers (older - in 20's) came over and she went on to explain how I hit her and that I was serious. I was upset, but she is so convincing. She said it again infront of her friends tonight. This is the first time I have ever actually raised my voice with any of my children. I told her we were playing and she knew it and why does she try to make me look bad. I told her how serious her words could be if someone acually believed her. Does anyone go through this? I am so upset I want to talk to a child psychologist about this. I have tried so hard to be a perfect mom with all good memories for all of my kids and now this. What is going through her head! Discouraged


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I would just talk to her and let her know it upset me. Ask her WHY she is saying it like that. Have an open dialogue about it, then mom needs to move on.
You aren't always going to be 'perfect' in your children's eyes. Especially when they hit teenage-hood. But, if you make sure they had a good childhood that is what they are always going to remember.
I don't get along very well with my mom, like... at all, BUT BECAUSE OF HER I have not one negative thing to say about my childhood. I would not hesitate to raise my children exactly how she raise me, because I idolize her as a mother to young children.

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