Pot smoking teen

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My teen is trying every means possible to convince me that getting high shod not upset me. it's exhausting, help


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This is what I told my teen girls. One just got accepted to an Ivy league law school and the other is a sophomore at one of the top countries in the US.

"Of all of the substances you could take, I have the least problem with pot. In fact if you were to do one or the other, I'd much rather you get really high than get really drunk. One problem with pot is that it isn't legal and if it was, it wouldn't be for someone your age. Secondly, pot can have a effect of be demotivating. If you start smoking pot over doing your homework, you grades will go down. Now I've known a couple of people who were able to smoke pot on their way to school and keep a straight A average. I don't think you are one of those people"

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You have to outline all the disadvantages:
1.). It's illegal
2.) Cost money
3.) waste of time
4.) can lead to other illegal activity to support a habit.
5.) It use to be though of as psychologically addicting but now it found to be
physically addicting as well.
6.) It will rob him of motivation.
7.) It will affect his developing brain.
Now for the advantages.
1.) There are NONE.
If he argues that it helps him relax...discuss all the natural and socially acceptable ways of relaxing and preventing stress. Soak in a hot tube
Run on a track. Practice deep breathing...Yoga...Sports...and last but not least
connecting to his higher power or spiritual side. Prayer can be powerful.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/15/2014




I agree with what Evelyn said with one exception:

Pot is NOT A GATEWAY DRUG. Generally pot consumers don't even hang with heavier drug users, actually. Anyone who told you that they shot up with heroin because they learned how to smoke pot is lying through their teeth.

Peer pressure is what gets people into drugs other than a plant that is readily grown, and grows wild in most of the lower 48.

However, THC has been shown to impair younger folks who's brains haven't fully developed, just as alcohol can, so purely for the sake of health reasons, teens shouldn't partake.

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