Pre-teen Nerves


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Allie - posted on 02/07/2010




Well with my 12 yr old daughter I have always talked with her sense she has been 7 yrs old. it first started about puberty and slowly through out the years we talked up to sex talk and drugs. We sat down and had the one on one. I still bring up issues occasionally to make a quick talk about what to do and not to do. When we are watching a cop show and there is rap or drugs case on I will make a commit like oh see that is what happens when.... and kids always listens. or i will ask well if that happen to you you need to ... and let it go after that. So far so good but we are just starting teen years so I hope it works

Tiffany - posted on 02/06/2010




I have an irrititable emotional, preteen...what should i do to help her cope.

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