Question.... for parents with a teenage boy (If you own a XBox game Black Op or Call of Duty) Do you have restricted times that he can play the game or can he play when ever and however long he wants. Honest answers please. Kind of an opinion poll. Appreciate your answers.


America3437 - posted on 11/16/2011




17yr old loves any of those games. Beat the new mw3 in 24 hrs. There are no time limits! If he's here playing the game , he's not out getting some girl pregnant!!! He carries a 3.6 gpa and will have enough credits to graduate at the end of this year(junior) so it's all good for me!!


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Pauline - posted on 09/12/2012




I have 3 boys and they all love that game. I personally let them play on it an hour a day each and the weekends are theirs x

CuringIgnorancepls - posted on 09/10/2012




Don't let him play the WHOlE day he has to balance his responsibilities and game time. If he's a random who reg guns trickshotters slap him so hard he doesn't want to play anymore. JS

Sara - posted on 09/06/2012




We use the timer on the can set it to a daily max or a weekly allotment. The only problem is that you have to reset (easy enough) if you want to offer more time on weekends than weekdays. Also, there are instructions online for resetting without password (which my son has found and used...then lost all access for a bit).

We follow this general rule: homework is done, chores are done and 20 minutes of reading per day (for the most part), on summer/nice days we encourage some outdoor time too. A couple hours per day during the school year (more on weekends) and 21 hours per week in the summer to use when he likes (all at once or budgeted).

It is not a perfect system, but boy this technology thing can really get out of hand if gone unchecked. My son is pale enough being Irish/Scandinavian...he needs a little vitamin D too :)

Elizabeth - posted on 11/14/2011




hello! my son is 11 years old and went is shool day is 9:30 pm and hi need geat a good grades in middle shool if not video games ,Tv,friends ,compuret ,tel. ect. repor cart in mail is B our A is back to play but you and I and the kids need sleep for 8 hrs for our good helth. blessings.p.d same time we need to be strong and splent to the kids we love him our sher . I houp this help you. .Elizabeth H.

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