Rude, Rebellious, Angry Teen Daughter thats threatning to take her life

Debbie - posted on 09/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been divorced 2 years from an very abusive marriage, boy has it been a hard road to travel being a single mum. I have 2 teen daughters 16 and 14 and they are both so against me for everything, nomatter what good i try to do for them. My 16 year old blames me for all her saddness, anger, hurt and pain left after the divorce. My eldest daughter threatned to take her life last night. She says im the cause she dont want to be on this earth. They dont not see their father because he is doing very bad things and they found out about it. I have been nothing but a praying mother. They both are so disrespectful and rude, arrogant, its unbearable, im desperate i cannot live another abusive life with them:(( I give them the best of food, clean cloths and i also bought an apartment for us, they have their freedom, what more??? I have been to their school psycologist to have sessions with them. After all the drama last night i called their Youth Pastor to come over to talk to them. I am a strong mother been through hell and back, but just very broken hearted today. Please help me with some advice what do i do??? Do i take their cell phones away?


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You need to get them both to see a counselor outside of school. Also, if anyone ever tells you that they're going to kill themself you have to take it 100% seriously. I know kids say that sometimes just out of anger, but she needs to learn that you are taking her seriously when she says that. Call a suicide hotline in your area. They'll probably want to talk to her. And don't be afraid to call 911. I know it sounds like an overreaction, but better an overreaction than a suicide. People who commit suicide are often the people who've been saying they're going to.


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Debbie - posted on 09/03/2013




Thank you Roxanne. I am in the process of getting help for her, infact both my daughters. I am also going to a place on Saturday called Tough love. This is for me on how to deal with troubled Teens.

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