Should I give my 15 yr old son plan b pill. For his girlfriend


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Tracy - posted on 10/28/2012




Never. I have a nearly 16 year old son myself and a 3 year old daughter. From the mom of a boy perspective: I would never give another child medication without knowledge and consent from the parents (maybe an advil or something, but that would be to an older child and not a young one). How do you know your son would give it to her WITH HER CONSENT? Or maybe he would "force" her to take it (if you love me, if you cared, blah blah blah). Doesn't this girl deserve the chance to make a choice for herself? Doesn't her parents deserve to be involved?

From the perspective of a mom of a daughter: I would literally go absolutely berserk and sue the other family into the ground if I found out they were giving this pill to my daughter without medical advice or even my own consent. It is not their concern to control my daughter's life choices. I don't care if she begged them for it. If she wanted it, I would probably let her have it FROM HER OWN DOCTOR. So what if their son (and my daughter) was irresponsible at that moment, once the deed is done it is now my daughter's decision as to what future she wishes to face (conversely, I express this to my son heavily too - once the deed is done, he doesn't have a legal say in whether he becomes a father or not so he better watch out from the get go!)

So under no circumstances would I recommend giving her the pill, even if she is a crumpled mess on your doorstep begging for it. If anything, if her parents are completely unapproachable, just offer to take her to the doctor so that SHE can ***discuss all options*** with her doctor without you or your son anywhere in the room. This is HER decision now. Your son made his already.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/25/2012




You should NEVER give medication to ANYONE that it isn't meant for. A plan B pill needs to be given by a doctor or clinic. You are neither. Should you give this child a pill, and she has any kind of medical reaction to it, you are liable for medical costs and possible litigation from her parents.

ETA the following paragraph:

However, YOU SHOULD educate your son better. You should have done that before you let him out the door with a girl. You should have provided him with protection, and explained that it's not only about babies, but also health concerns. You should also have him tested for any std's immediately, and you should still get him some condoms.

Starr - posted on 10/25/2012




I would say that is best up to her parents to give her. As a parent of a teenage girl I would not want my daughter taking medication from her boyfriends mother or anyone for that matter without me knowing. You never know what other medications she may be taking, there could be some possible drug interaction or allergic reaction. If she doesn't want to talk to her parents about it maybe she can go to some sort of clinic that could screen for these things.

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