Should my 17&1/2yr old 11th grade daughter date a 12th grade 19yr old?


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Hi Pamela, I would say as long as he is in high school, it would be ok. Although once he graduates, things can get a bit more complicated. It will probably only be a few dates anyway since the boy will be moving on to college soon, I'm guessing. Those types of relationships generally don't last. You could always encourage her to date someone who she will still be in school with next year since his plans for college won't include her. You know, try to "persuade" her that college boys have no interest in high school girls, and she could change her mind on her own.

Just keep a watchful eye on the situation and if you feel like she is becoming too attached, then you will need to put some space between them. But going to a movie or out for yogurt, I certainly don't see any harm in that. Best of luck!


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S. - posted on 05/17/2012




I can't see the problem in it what so ever, as long has he treats her well a year and half age gap isn't to bad.

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