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Hello trying not to freak about this but my teenage daughter recently mentioned she couldn't stop getting this image out of her head over the course of 2 or 3 days. She said it was like something cutting her finger. It took me back to many years earlier when she very occasionally had these episodes when she said she said there was a loud noise like someone shouting in her head. It was only briefly and seemed to be when she was stressed/tired. I told my doctor at that time and he didn't want to do anything. Firstly i think because he didn't believe or understand me and secondly- and predominantly because he knows my long history of panic/anxiety disorder(since childhood). So the thing is- i never had her symptoms but she is a tense and anxious person and i want her to get some help on how to relax. I also know enough not to freak her out and just said we are anxious people and sometimes thoughts can repeat themselves when you are stressed and tired. Can anyone else relate to this? Because of my own disorder i get afraid when she mentions anything like that as i think the worse. My sis in law is a psych nurse and advised not to dwell on it, which i agree with. But what should i do if it gets worse but without frightening her. It is a big year with exams this year and the stress hasn't really even begun yet. She isn't mentioning the problem now so i am hoping its stopped. for now. Sorry for raving. She also has had very much stress over the past 2 years since her dad became profoundy disabled. But she didn't talk about this issue til now. Thanks! oops just needed to ad she always refuses to see a counsellor or anyone about her dad. Says she doesn't want to talk to some "random".


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Obsessive compulsive disorder is apart of the anxiety family, which tends to pass on from generation to generation. I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder when I was two years old. I am now 19 and I still have it. How old is your daughter? Usually OCD is outgrown if it persists in childhood first. I am a rare case. But, from everything I know (from having OCD to taking abnormal psychology classes) That isn't enough to go on for her to have OCD. Sometimes there may be things missing that could seem like normal routines but are really obsessions acted out as compulsions. Ask her if there are things she does daily (no matter how little or small they could be) that "bother" her if she doesn't do them. Persistent thoughts and images are a symptom of OCD, but they usually will continue for months rather than days. I feel the need to rinse out glasses every time I use them, (for example). I couldn't really explain to you why I do it with out sounding crazy. I know it's ridiculous, but if I don't do it I will begin to panic and feel a sense of "impending doom". I have intrusive thoughts and images occasionally, but I have learned how to stop them. The most common rituals people will perform are washing hands, counting in their head, stuff having to do with germs or things have to be in order. Compulsions (the actions) are driven by an obsession that is usually caused by a fear of impending doom or death. Ask her about it, but with out freaking out. It is very important to not plant the "idea" of OCD in her head. Because she could subcontiously think she has it, and begin to act like she does and convince herself she does even if she doesn't. She should just see a psychiatrist or counselor to be observed in which she needs to open up. It's the only way to be diagnosed properly.

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