Julie - posted on 07/29/2009




I have cleaned my sons room and left him a bill for maid services that he had to pay. I enjoyed the extra money and he hated that I had touched and gone through all of his stuff, once a week I do inspection and if the room fails I will give him 30 minutes to get it cleaned or I clean it with the bill posted to his door. I have not got to clean it in a long time.LOL


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Shelly - posted on 07/30/2009





This is one of those pick your battles...It's not that big of a deal close the door and when she starts complaining that she has no clean close just let her know what day you do laundry and she is more than welcome to do her laundry any of the other days...And then you lay down the rules about doing laundry...There is none of this parcial loads, and if you find her close in the washer or dryer they are yours...She will figure it out pretty quick how to deal with her stuff...Just don't fight with her about it

June - posted on 07/30/2009




My eldest is 15 and she has fits and starts of doing jobs aroound the house,even does her own room from time 2 time, think even she get fed up of it because its embarrsing for her when her mates go in.....but as for asking her to do things....the power of the mobile...barring her phone works a treat!! lol

Kate - posted on 07/29/2009




I tell my girls (5,9, and 14) they have to have things straightened up by bed time, I remind them at dinner. I have had to go as far as trashing a few items, but all in all it works. They do not like even the thought of their favorite toy or book being thrown out, and for the younger ones, everything is their favorite. They are not allowed to eat in their rooms and may have a bottle or cup of water in there, provided I don't start seeing the bottles or cup laying around the room. In addition to placing the toys in time out or trowing them out, I tell them that if I have to go that far, they loose TV Radio MP3 player and cell phone (for the older one) for 2 days for every hour I have to either clean or stand there and tell them what to clean and where to put it. It helps, my 14 year old and my 9 year old are fairly neat and responsible, still working with the 5 year old. But she knows that I am not playing around and I will get rid of the mess myself, my way.

Good Luck

Maria - posted on 07/29/2009




We only eat and drink at the kitchen table which helps a lot. I tell my kids that they have to put everything away by end of day. Anything left out, I will collect and place in a two week "time-out". I do give them a warning and a second chance and on the rare occasion they lose a treasured item, such as a cell phone, it is a lesson that sticks. I never take away items needed for health or school, such as medicine or textbooks.

Hilary - posted on 07/29/2009




A relative of mine took really drastic action and gave her child an ultimatum ! She told her that unless the room was cleared up by the end of the day she would get a black bin liner and dump all her stuff in the bin.
On another occasion she threw everything out the window and when a neighbour passed just explained that her child's room was filthy and was taking drastic measures ( the neighbour commiserated and laughed and walked on - it worked on both counts.
My husband has tried it and although she got mad it did work ( be careful of school/college books etc) hated the makeup going !
She has also withheld taking her in the car to friends and town etc until her room was tidied in a reasonable manner. the operative word being 'reasonable'.

Denise - posted on 07/28/2009




The book "Boundaries with Teens" addressed that really well. I don't sweat it too much here -- basically we close the door ;). I don't allow any food in bedrooms in our home and everyone does follow that rule so that lowers my stress level too.

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